• Support for new buildings that add to the tax base and bring vitality 

  • Plan before we build: finish a comprehensive plan and update zoning

  • New buildings are only half of redevelopment - the other half is improved infrastructure: these must go hand in hand

Fire Department

  • Support the high level plan delivered in October, 2017

  • Need to answer critical questions about shared governance, EMS services, and financial issues

  • Top priority to finish

Policing and The Force Report

  • The Force Report was a wakeup call to our community that we are not living up to our ideals

  • Moving forward we must build trust that we will protect and serve each other

  • Trust starts from transparency and from building deep relationships

Traffic and Road Safety

  • Our roads are a public resource for all users - cars, pedestrians, and bikes - and must be managed for all three groups

  • We must prioritize more rapid roadway changes that slow traffic and protect pedestrians and bike riders - and we must plan for bike lanes

  • Traffic tickets are an important tool and must continue to be emphasized, but alone they will not solve the problems

Seton Hall

  • Build an ongoing working partnership with SHU to encourage better integration: We Are Better Together

  • Prioritize the existing ad hoc Trustee Committee on Seton Hall with monthly meeting schedule, agendas, resident and SHU membership

  • Address resident’s concerns with off-campus student housing as part of this partnership

Expenses, Taxes and the Budget


  • We strongly support the investments being made in the Baird Recreation Center (and want it to include a full sized gym)

  • Our programs must serve all age groups in town and bring all residents together to help build community and trust

  • Beyond the Baird, we want to finally finish the River Greenway project

The Library

  • South Orange needs a world class library that can serve and bring together all residents of all ages - and serve our growing population who work from home

  • We endorse the planning study commissioned by the Library Board and want to move into planning and budgeting work

  • We must build a financial plan for this project, with funding from a combination of cost savings and new revenue from redevelopment projects

Downtown Revitalization

  • One of the most frequent questions we are asked is why after so many years our downtown is still not vibrant

  • We will prioritize finishing the South Orange Avenue commercial district by building on the pockets of success and integrating SOPAC into our commercial district

  • We should not attempt to create new commercial centers on Valley Street until the South Orange Avenue corridor is a success like Maplewood and Montclair - Focus and Finish