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Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown’s accomplishments could fill a book. Inspired by the injustices he witnessed growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, he vowed at age 12 to become a lawyer. He embraced as role models his mother, an educator raising five children, and his older brother Terry, a scholar athlete at Columbia University. Hard work on the field, he figured, could open doors to education. After earning All-American honors as a wide receiver in high school, Bobby led Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish in receptions for two years and earned a place in the NFL with stints in Green Bay and Cleveland. His achievements off the field were equally outstanding. He returned to Notre Dame to earn his law degree before moving on to Yale to earn his MBA. Bobby brought his family to South Orange in 2008, recognizing it as a community where his sons, now ages six and eight, would be safe, yet challenged. As positive as the experience has been, Bobby sees room for improvements in racial unity and equality in our schools and on our streets. People always cite “Diversity” as one our town’s great strengths. “But what really makes it great is the understanding that we must do much better,” says Bobby. “And when we do, we can remove the air quotes from ‘diversity’ so it becomes real diversity.”